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Sofy Anti-Becteria – XL (6 Pads)


Double absorbent core
Multi leak control lines
Shape maintenance system



A long active day makes napkin deform / bunch / shrink which often causes leakage. SOFY Bodyfit turns – twists with your body to prevent leakage for longer hours 1 Flexi-Absorb system 2 Double Absorbent core 3 Multi-Leak control lines 4 Extra Long 5 Comfy Dry Cover Product Image 1Flexi-Absorb system makes the napkin move with your body to prevent leakage img-feature-02.png 2Double Absorbent core img-feature-03.png fits the body and absorbs directly in the centre 3Multi-Leak control lines img-feature-03.png prevent flow from reaching the edges 4Extra Long img-feature-03.png extra length 5Comfy Dry Cover img-feature-03.png The cover has absorbing pores and is gentle to your skin.


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