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Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash -500 ml


With 100% Natural Action and Neem & Citrus Fruit Extracts, to safely clean the veggies and fruits
It has No Added Artifical Dyes, Colors, Chlorine, Bleach, Soap or Preservatives
Safe to Use on fruits and vegetables.
Add 20 ml (Half a Cap) of Nimwash in 1 L of Water, Soak vegetables and fruits for 15 min and Rinse well under clean running water
ITC’s NimWash Vegetable & Fruit Wash effectively washes away Pesticides and 99.9% germs from the Fruits & Vegetables.


Water alone is not effective for germ removal and cleaning vegetables & fruits. It often leaves behind pesticides and is not able to disinfect the vegetables and fruits from food-borne illnesses causing germs. This can affect the health and safety of your family.


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