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Fanta Orange Flavoured Soft Drink,1 lt


Fanta with an orangey kick & a tingly fruity taste
Keeps the fun alive by encouraging one to indulge in the moment
Soft drink that stands for its vibrant color and tempting taste
Enjoy the lively orange drink with meals or on the go
Share a Fanta with your loved ones and let the fun never end


Fanta lets you make the most of a moment with the tempting taste and its tingling bubbles.Fanta orange soda don’t you want? Get Fanta fevah! Fanta orange is a fruity flavour soda.
It was first introduced in Germany by schetelig in 1940 during the world war ii and since 1960, it is now owned by the Coca-Cola company. It is fondly enjoyed by millions of teens because of its bright, playful colour and tingly carbonation.


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